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March 27, 2020
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10 Business Uses for Twitter

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There are numerous ways to use Twitter for business purposes. Businesses from small to large are taking advantage of Twitter. Figuring out how-to use Twitter for your business is a challenge as there are many applications to benefit from and when you start using Twitter, you'll need to find out how-to use some of them.

A good place to start is the basic tweet. You can build and reach an audience at Twitter with tweets, which are 140 character messages. These are short and sweet messages. The brevity is to your advantage as it doesn't take much time to write or read them. You'll need to decide the topics that will be intriguing to the audience you want to reach. You can publish your Tweets with a cellphone, IM or on the Web.

So what about those topics? Do you own a travel agency? Well, you can inform people about the hottest travel spots, albeit one spot at a time, about travel package specials, the best ski resorts or beaches. Do you sell grills. You can give short grilling tips and direct them to your site for recipes. Are you a novelist? You can offer teasing previews of the theme or plot of your latest novel and brief writing tips and lead your readers back to your site for more in depth tips. If you're a jewelry artist, why not brief people on your latest creation and use the pic application too.

Here are ten ways to Twitter besides basic tweeting.

- Press Releases
- Airline deal alerts for business travel
- Make restaurant reservations for business lunch
- Product branding
- Request recommendations for programmer, investor or whatever
- Customer notifications
- Locate prospects
- Communicate with employees in the field
- Post news and links applicable to your business
- Use for feedback

These ideas should get your business savvy brain generating your own great ideas for using Twitter to promote your business. You'll be in the company of some successful big businesses when you use Twitter like Southwest Airlines, Marvel Comics, and Home Dept. But you don't have to be big to run with the big guys now because you can Tweet just like they can Tweet. This levels the field for you.

While you can use Twitter for marketing, it is important to understand that a more affable and personal expression is liked by the Twitter community. To get the gist of how this is done, you can find tweeters that are in your field on Twitter and follow their tweets. Or follow tweeters in another industry, but look for the personal touch and learn from the ones that provide that personality factor that keeps tweeters following someone.

Yes, it is a bit like a balancing act to get the right blend of business information and personal touch going, but with a little observation and practice you can master the art of tweeting for business success. You'll be glad you did, as Twitter is gaining in popularity every day.


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