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April 7, 2020
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10 Steps to a Great College Research Paper

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Learning to write a great research paper is very important when you go back to school. Any adult learner can learn how to be success in writing outstanding college term papers with these 10 steps.

1. Choose your topic. ? You may have a given topic by your instructor or the professor may give you lots of leeway. Try to choose something that you have some basic understanding of and that you are happy about so you will bring some enthusiasm to the project.

2. Make a list of content topics. ? Try to make a list of topics you would like to cover in your great research paper. As you find other interesting things to add, make sure they get included on the list. Keep in mind the length restrictions as you compile your topics list.

3. Talk to the experts. ? You may be able to find some experts to interview on your given topic. Most of them will not mind giving you some time to answer questions. If you cannot find experts to interview, you can find them in your research sources.

4. Use the Internet. - The Internet is full of information on every topic under the sun. You need to be careful, however, that you use reliable sources. Not everything found online is credible.

5. Find books that discuss your topic. You can order them online or get them from the library. Try to find books from a variety of different points of view as well.

6. Take notes. ? As you do this research, maintain detailed notes. By doing so, you will be able to keep track of the information you have. Document resources too so you can give credit for the information throughout your great research paper. The course you are taking will have guidelines on how to document your sources.

7. Review your notes. ? Go through your notes and start to organize the materials you have collected into sections based on topic. That way you can easily flow the paper from one section of it to the next.

8. Organize your materials ? It can take some time to organize your materials so do not rush it. Try to use note cards so you can rearrange your information in different ways for the overall layout.

9. Write ? When you are writing your first draft, just let it flow. You need a strong introduction, transitions, and a powerful conclusion.

10. Edit ? You should go through several drafts before you are happy with your great research paper. Work on one and then leave it alone for several days. Then, look at it again with a fresh approach. Ask others to review your research paper too as they may pick up on problems you overlooked.

Each of these steps is important. By having a plan, however, you can break down the process of writing great college research papers so you do great and get a great grade every time.


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