2009 is the year of recession but China does not seem to be affected at all. The market in China is so big that local businesses in China are self-sustaining. Today, many companies want to enter the China market. If you are one of them, you definitely need to translate your business documents from English to Chinese.

When it comes to translation, many people don't feel there is a need to pay for it. There are so many free translation programs online that one can use to translate text. So why pay the money? This is true for anything other than business translation. If you want accuracy, you definitely need to hire a professional translator to assist you.

English to Chinese translation is not easy. The Chinese language has all sorts of strokes and combination and if you are not well-verse in it, you cannot translate accurately. Also, there are 2 types of Chinese characters: Ancient and modern characters. Some countries are still using the ancient characters and this is something you must take note.

With the internet, you are not short of choices when you are looking for a Chinese translator. So what makes a good Chinese translator? In this article, let me share with you 4 tips to hire a professional Chinese translator:

1.Look for native speaker. Native speakers can produce more accurate translation as Chinese is their mother tongue. When you are translating English to other languages, you must understand that the grammar and writing are very different. An experience native speaker will know the best way to write and communicate clearly with the people.

2.The translator must have a deep understanding of the target and source language. Knowing Chinese is not enough. The translator must be proficient in the English language too.

3.Choose a translator who has experience in your industry. The translator must be specialized in the field of the translation work. For example, if you want to translate your legal documents, you must hire a translator who is well-verse in the legal industry. This is to ensure quality and accuracy.

4.The translator must be focus and time-oriented. Time is money when it comes to business. You must find someone who is focus and can keep to deadlines. This will ensure your operations can flow smoothly and start making an impact in China.

Take your time to look for the right translator to work with. Do not rush into a decision to hire someone you are unsure of. Finding a good Chinese translator is very important if you want to do business in China. With him or her to assist you, you can accelerate your expansion and grow your business faster.