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July 28, 2020
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Best Pre-Law Courses

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Law schools seek individuals with a variety of degree specializations. You could potentially complete an undergraduate degree in any field to get into law school; however, you should complete some specific courses to enhance your abilities to be an outstanding attorney.


Most pre-law students choose similar undergraduate degrees. Some of the most popular undergraduate degrees to ensure you are on the right path to a bachelor of laws degree are a bachelor of business, political science, and philosophy. Most people believe these degree programs will provide them with a solid background to gain admissions into the schools of their choice. People who pursue business will often go on to have law careers associated with business. People who pursue political science believe they will have a far better understanding of the law by the time they enter law school. People who pursue philosophy do so to gain perspective and aid in their reasoning abilities. Each has value; however, law schools really do not care about your degree emphasis.

Best Pre-Law Courses

It is far more valuable to consider taking a number of courses to aid in the development of your attorney skills. Law schools do not recommend taking several law courses in undergrad, as you will take all the law courses you need in law school. You should concentrate on courses which will give you the skill set required to be a top attorney. You should consider courses which will sharpen your analytical skills, as well as your ability to communicate and debate at a superior level.

You should begin taking public speaking and communications courses as soon as possible. The more comfortable you are in these areas, the better you will be as an attorney. You should also take courses in logic and debate. You should learn the how and why of the law and the actions of people to be able to masterfully practice law. You should also take courses in finance and writing. You will utilize these skills nearly every day once you begin practicing law. It will also benefit you to complete courses in ethics and business.

At the end of the day, the courses you take to enhance your skills are more valuable than your degree emphasis. If you begin to work on the skills you need to be a superb attorney in the future, while you are in undergrad, you will be in control of your career.


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